General objectives of the study cycle

  • to train professionals and researchers in the field of health data sciences, an area where
    there is increasing funding, both public and institutional (national and international), and
    society itself, where companies in the sector are deficient and available welcome these
    researchers, attributing them a high social and economic value for their business activities
  • diversify and improve the quality of the training offered by the University of Porto,
    occupying a prominent place in the post-master offer of technological research in the health
    area, currently deficient in any of the three areas covered by the cycle of studies
  • complement the training offer at the level of the first and second cycles of studies provided
    by the department in which it integrates, namely in the areas of Medical Informatics, Evidence
    in Health Decision, Biostatistics, Health Information and Decision
  • reinforce the internationalizing nature of the training offer, since it is a cycle of studies in

Learning outcomes

The study cycle aims to endow students with the necessary skills to undertake research in
health data science, including a specialization in intelligent analysis of health data, health
informatics or policy and management of health services. Specifically, it is intended that at the
end of the study cycle students will be able to:

  • identify health research problems that can be answered by data science methods
  • to properly use the methods of collecting, managing and analyzing health data, as well as
    transpose the results of this analysis into the decision and management of health services
  • to independently develop multidisciplinary research in health data science
  • integrate research teams in health data science, performing activities specific to their branch
    of expertise
  • define research paths and disseminate research results in health data science